Thursday, June 12, 2008

Office 2007 interactive guides

Wondering where your favorite Office 2003 commands are located in the new 2007 Office system interface? ...visit ...

 Microsoft (2008). Guides to the 2007 Office system user interface. Retrieved June 12, 2008 from

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Creating a Firefox add-in

I'm playing around creating a Firefox add-in (as well as looking into an IE plug-in). These pages describe how to do it (it shows how you can use Visual Studio to help). Lots of ads which is a bit annoying but shows how it is done.

Mueller, J. (2006) Creating Your Own Firefox Add-in with Visual Studio. Retrieved June 7, 2008 from

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flash Links

Some Flash links from Olga.

Displaying text

Campbell, C. (2008) Creating a Custom Scroller in Flash . Retrieved June 5, 2008 from


Adobe (n.d.) An example of using styles with XML -- Flash CS3. Retrieved June 5, 2008 from

Kipupa (2008) Displaying XML Data in Flash - Page 2. Retrieved June 5, 2008 from
(simple helps understand XML in flash)

Kipupa (2008) XML to TextField - Page 2. Retrieved June 5, 2008
(Not easy to follow but extensive)


LearnFlash (n.d.) How to use AS instead of motion tweens to animate objects (Tween, Bounce and Elastic Classes). Retrieved June 5, 2008 from


Experst Exchange (2008) How Do I Use a Flash Button to Open an Email Client and Pre-fill Subject and Body? Retrieved June 5, 2008 from

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Downloading the Internet

For those of you who want to view the Internet offline, you can download it from ....


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Virus Removal: AntiVir, AVG, Stinger, AutoRuns

I had a PC with the MSN Messenger virus to fix. The virus program supplied with the PC had expired and not been renewed.  This post describes some of the steps which may be useful to others in removing a virus.

So de-installed the existing virus program and installed Avira AntiVir ( ) a free antivirus program which deletes as opposed to quarantines viruses. If found and destroyed the virus, but on startup 2 dlls were trying to find their code.

Eventually found that they were in the registry so used regedt to remove (be very careful here).  JJ pointed me to a utility that could do this AutoRuns (below).

Then I de-installed AntiVir and downloaded and ran AVG ( )

Another set of viruses were detected and removed. Last I heard the machine was still running (whew!!), have left AVG on.

Another program you can try to remove common viruses is a utility from McAfee called Stinger ( ), which you can try before going through the steps above.

But, as always... don't let your virus software one run out. If you want either renew your subscription, or replace with AVG or AntiVir 



This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them