Thursday, October 22, 2009

Firefox, zotero and COinS

Created COinS metadata in an HTML file, but had trouble getting zotero to recognise it. Actually its too simple, once zotero recognises there is COinS metadata it places a book icon next to the URL, click this and the metadata gets added to zotero!!
(Its real teckiee - but those who use zotero will understand)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hard Disk Manager / Music maker (PC Authority Oct 09 Cover Disk)

A useful utility on the cover disk of Australian PC authority ( ) is Paragon's Hard Disk Manager (9.5 SE)

I am often confronted with students who have trashed their Hard Drives (or the drive have magically trashed themselves). This utility allows you to create a complete backup of the drive. Additionally if you want to upgrade your HDD to a bigger one it has a wizard to do this.

Also included is Magix Music Maker Silver for those of you who want to create your own "original " music.