Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

After #MOOCs.. Massive adaptive interactive text (#MAIT) #vmvwiki #vmvdlt

"A MAIT is defined by the following characteristics: Automated, individualized assessments˲ Interactivity ˲ Adaptivity and Modularity."

"MOOCs, which are largely video-based, have translated all of the pedagogical problems with hoarding into an even less personal forum online. In other words, MOOCs have thus far focused on being massive, when they should strive to feel individual"

In a MAIT "when a student suffers a learning breakdown, that student needs immediate help in order to proceed" and "rather than listening to lectures, students will complete assignments from the MAIT, which has already been fine tuned to anticipate countless learning breakdowns."

Compeau, P. & Pevzner, P. A. (2015, September). Life after MOOCs. Communications of the ACM 58, 10, 41-44. DOI=

AirNZ Flight info Google Search #vmvwiki

If you enter the flight details e.g. NZ1234 into Google search it will return the flight details. Even more amazing if you are logged into Google it will indicate you are a passenger!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#Smartsheet - Project management Real-time Collaboration #vmvwiki

Smartsheet is a online project management tool (includes Gantt charts) enabling teams to mange their project using cloud, collaboration, & mobile technologies.


  • 30 day trial (enough for some students to use on an academic project)

  • $10 per month for individual.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crackdown: Amazon Sues to Stop Phony Product Reviews #vmvwiki

Crackdown: Amazon Sues to Stop Phony Product Reviews - The New York Times

Oct 2015:

  • A lawsuit in which Amazon accuses more than 1,000 people of offering to post bogus glowing write-ups for as little as $5 apiece might give you pause

  • About 45 percent of consumers consider product reviews when weighing an online purchase, according to Forrester Research. Two-thirds of shoppers trust consumer opinions online, according to research by Nielsen.

  • For example, a half-star increase in a restaurant's online rating can increase the likelihood of securing, say, a 7 p.m. booking by 15 to 20 percent, said Jenny Sussin, a director at Gartner Research. So a restaurateur might be tempted to pay $250 for 50 positive reviews online in the hopes of raising that rating.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Apple iOS 9 increased security 6 digit pin #vmvwiki

Just factory reset my iPhone to get it ready to send away for camera repair. Now requires a 6 digit pin

Changing back to a 4 digit one didn't appear (as suggested in the article below) but may have missed this.

Get ready to memorize a new 6 digit PIN when iOS 9 comes out | Cult of Mac

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Friday, October 16, 2015 EBook publishing is shutting down #vmvwiki EBook publishing platform closing down. Allowed authors to target multiple platforms and work via Google drive.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

2105 CITRENZ Posters from EIT

Nine Posters from my students were presented at the 2015 CITRENZ  Conference in Queenstown. Poster papers can be found in the online Proceedings at

20151008_170316_1024 20151008_170337_1024 20151008_170206_1024

Congratulations to

  1. [Research in IT] Protecting private data in telecommunications by increasing data security and privacy in New Zealand
    Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian, & Michael Verhaart 145

  2. [BCS Internship] Educational Development Centre Internship 2015
    Charlene Bannister, Stephanie Day, & Michael Verhaart 147

  3. [Research in IT] Business Process Management (BPM): Analysis of effectiveness in organizations and efficiency in integration with service management
    Raveesh Baskaran, & Michael Verhaart 150

  4. [Digital Learning Technology] Learning Health and Safety Requirements for KSLG Volunteers
    Andrew Hull, & Michael Verhaart 169

  5. [Digital Learning Technology] Gel Polish Nail Training
    Sharon James, & Michael Verhaart 171

  6. [Research in IT] Current smartphone’s security issues and its impact on society
    Er. Kamal Jyoti, & Michael Verhaart 175

  7. [Research in IT] Factors influencing cloud enterprises resource planning system adoption in New Zealand small and medium enterprises
    Arun Krishnan, & Michael Verhaart 178

  8. [Research in IT] Importance of Business Analyst in ICT projects in New Zealand
    Desmond .A. Rodrigues, & Michael Verhaart 184

  9. [Research in IT] SME Technology Spotlight: Capturing G-Readiness and sustainability innovation in NZ’s powerhouse
    Dee Verhaart, & Michael Verhaart 192

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My own social media : Joke #vmvwiki

I haven't got a computer, but I was told about Facebook and Twitter and am trying to make friends outside Facebook and Twitter while applying the same principles.

Every day, I walk down the street and tell passers by what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before and what I will do fort he rest of the day. I give them pictures of my wife, my daughter, my dog and me gardening and on holiday, spending time by the pool. I also listen to their conversations, tell them I "like" them and give them my opinion on every subject that interests me... whether it interests them or not.

And it works. I already have four people following me: two police officers, a social worker, and a psychiatrist.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

$1 billion Evernote tumbles #vmvwiki

The inside story of how $1 billion Evernote went from Silicon Valley darling to deep trouble | Business Insider

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Harvey Norman computer glitch #vmvwiki

$4000 lounge suite for $100 ... Computer price glitch live for about 8 hrs from midnight. Do customers have a legal contract or can a computer error be grounds for an invalid contract? Harvey Norman also advertising a "massive sale" at the same time.

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