Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adding an RSS Feed to Facebook (connecting your blog)

If you are running a blog and have a facebook account how can you connect them together, so you only have to type stuff in once (in the blog) and it pops up in Facebook?

Ok, so this is got to ba an example of poor "User Interface Design". I worked this out a month ago, and thought I'd document it.. but couldn't recall the steps (in spite of just having completed it!)

Anyway, thought I'd have another go today.. and eurika I worked out what to do!!

So follow these steps!!

  1. Click on your name (on the facebook bar at the top of the screen)

  2. Click on the Options link (Just below the [Share] button on the "Whats on your mind window"

  3. If "Stories Posted by You" > Available sites is not showing, click on the settings button (Just below the [Share] button)

  4. On the Available Sites: Click on Blog/RSS

  5. In the Public URL enter your blog site, then click [Import]

.. and thats all!!
This is also where you connect Flickr/Delicious/YouTube etc...

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