Thursday, May 31, 2012

PC Mouse Bike

PC Mouse BikeBit of a hard case Bike Mouse that records your typing speed by making the mouse go faster. A while ago I bought a a USB PC Mouse Bike. Searched the web for some drivers, but eventually found them on an old Hard Disk Drive.

For others looking for the drivers here they are:  mouse bike

And I have it working on a Windows 7 machine. This is what I did:

Don't plug in the mouse and run set-up.

Then plug in the bike mouse. The drivers will try to install through Windows Update (the USB Bridge one will fail) Had to go to Control Panel > Device Manager > then locate the device with the error (USB bridge I think) . Click on Driver > Update Driver > Browse my Computer and get Windows to search the Driver Folder in the Mouse Bike Installation folder.

Run "Launch Mouse Bike" from the desktop and all going well the mouse should fire up.

If you open up Notepad the counter will show the Words per minute...



  1. Thank you for the drivers! :)

  2. Hello Michael, in your opinion, is it possible to download specific drivers in order to use USB mouse bike using Windows 8 or 10 ? Best regards