Friday, August 12, 2016

Google Scholar Button for Chrome #vmvwiki #vmvresearch

From Adam in the EIT Library

There is a Google Scholar button that can be added to your Chrome browser via the Chrome Web Store

Once this has been added, you can select any relevant text on a website you’re browsing and use the button to search for it in Google Scholar. This can be useful if the text you’re reading makes reference to other articles you want to find. For example, selecting an article title from the below reference list and then using the Scholar button provided access to the selected article.

As it will search for any selected text, you could also use it to search for topics or author’s names. However, only the first few results will be displayed in the drop down box. To see all results click the 4 arrow icon at the bottom of the displayed results. For example, selecting the physicist’s name from the below article allowed me to find papers he has published. Of course, this may not work so well with more common names.



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