Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Converting a Wordpress Blog (> 1MB) to Google Blogger #vmvwiki #vmvweb

As part of a restructuring of my gazillion web sites and blogs, I have shifted my Wordpress site ( ) to Blogger ( ). So the big issue was can I bring across the posts?

As you will notice I achieved this (as you are viewing this in the Blogspot site).

Just some basic Notes

  1. The site will convert the Wordpress wxr file (instructions are on the page)... but... I noticed that the site gets hijacked. In my case I kept getting Ad-spam for video conversion files. By waiting a few days it looks like the authors fix this (Thanks!).
  2. You will notice there is a 1MB File size limit. To get round this you will need to chop up your Wordpress site into bits less that 1MB.
    • From the Admin window Select Tools > Export
    • On the dialog screen change "All content" and click on Posts. A further dialog window pops up and you can select a date range to get you files below 1MB. Create as many files as you need!

Don't forget to create separate files for pages, Feedback and media.

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