Friday, October 9, 2015

2105 CITRENZ Posters from EIT

Nine Posters from my students were presented at the 2015 CITRENZ  Conference in Queenstown. Poster papers can be found in the online Proceedings at

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Congratulations to

  1. [Research in IT] Protecting private data in telecommunications by increasing data security and privacy in New Zealand
    Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian, & Michael Verhaart 145

  2. [BCS Internship] Educational Development Centre Internship 2015
    Charlene Bannister, Stephanie Day, & Michael Verhaart 147

  3. [Research in IT] Business Process Management (BPM): Analysis of effectiveness in organizations and efficiency in integration with service management
    Raveesh Baskaran, & Michael Verhaart 150

  4. [Digital Learning Technology] Learning Health and Safety Requirements for KSLG Volunteers
    Andrew Hull, & Michael Verhaart 169

  5. [Digital Learning Technology] Gel Polish Nail Training
    Sharon James, & Michael Verhaart 171

  6. [Research in IT] Current smartphone’s security issues and its impact on society
    Er. Kamal Jyoti, & Michael Verhaart 175

  7. [Research in IT] Factors influencing cloud enterprises resource planning system adoption in New Zealand small and medium enterprises
    Arun Krishnan, & Michael Verhaart 178

  8. [Research in IT] Importance of Business Analyst in ICT projects in New Zealand
    Desmond .A. Rodrigues, & Michael Verhaart 184

  9. [Research in IT] SME Technology Spotlight: Capturing G-Readiness and sustainability innovation in NZ’s powerhouse
    Dee Verhaart, & Michael Verhaart 192

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