Friday, October 23, 2015

After #MOOCs.. Massive adaptive interactive text (#MAIT) #vmvwiki #vmvdlt

"A MAIT is defined by the following characteristics: Automated, individualized assessments˲ Interactivity ˲ Adaptivity and Modularity."

"MOOCs, which are largely video-based, have translated all of the pedagogical problems with hoarding into an even less personal forum online. In other words, MOOCs have thus far focused on being massive, when they should strive to feel individual"

In a MAIT "when a student suffers a learning breakdown, that student needs immediate help in order to proceed" and "rather than listening to lectures, students will complete assignments from the MAIT, which has already been fine tuned to anticipate countless learning breakdowns."

Compeau, P. & Pevzner, P. A. (2015, September). Life after MOOCs. Communications of the ACM 58, 10, 41-44. DOI=

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